Todd Cameron Glass Sculpture logo Todd Cameron at work in his studio
Todd Cameron at work in his studio

Artist Statement

Todd Cameron focuses on blowing and hot sculpting glass to create his Artwork. For the last several years his primary emphasis has been on two signature bodies of work titled "Split Vases" and"glASS roBOTS."

The "Split Vases" are an homage to Cameron's urban upbringing. Influenced equally by both natural and urban landscapes, the "Split Vases" play on the relationship between nature and industry.

The "glASS roBOTS" are inspired by Cameron's numerous failed attempts to build a robot as a child.


Cameron attended the University of Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2003. That same year he was introduced to glass blowing by a dear friend who made him a shot glass.

His education in glass came through a series of apprenticeships with highly talented glass artists in his area including Michael Boyd, Tomas Maras, and Robinson Scott. In addition, Cameron attended a workshop with Italian Master glass sculptor Pino Signioretto.

Cameron then began working as studio manager and instructor at Foci Glass studio in Minneapolis. In 2009 he was a founding board member of Minnesota Center for Glass Arts, a 501c3 public glass studio and school in Minneapolis. In 2013 Cameron opened a private glass studio with two other glass artists where he currently works.